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Create and sustain improvements in performance, engagement, wellbeing and relationships, while establishing a growth mindset culture across your organisation.

Empower Your Most Valuable Assets

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  • Keeping employees excited and engaged in continuous learning.
  • Personalising training and learning experiences for diverse workforce.
  • Adapting training and development to remote and hybrid work models
  • Cultivating future leaders by providing ongoing development for current leaders.
  • Fostering positive mind-set culture to spur innovation and excellence


  • PQ tools have proven to help people around the world move from surviving to thriving personally and professionally.
  • Practising mental fitness creates and sustains improvements in performance, wellbeing and relationships.
  • Establishing a growth mindset culture across your organisation.
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Meet your Mental Fitness Trainer

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Hi I'm Joel

a Positive Intelligence® (PQ) licensed coach obsessed with enabling people to thrive both at work — and in their free time with friends and family. Learning and practising PQ’s mental fitness program radically improved my already awesome life. Testimony to its efficacy was when my wife quipped: “Joel, you’re laughing a lot more than you used to!” Now I’m on a mission to train others in using the PQ system and eliminate sabotaging self-doubt, stress and overwhelm, so they can call forth their own fierce courage and shift into clear-headed, laser-focused and decisive action.

Select The Experience That Fits Your Needs

Most attempts at positive change fail because we stop at insight and don’t build habits. Sustained change towards a more positive mind requires laying down neural pathways to form new habits through consistent daily practice. Exactly what the PQ® Program with Joel’s leadership empowers you to do.

Positive Intelligence® (PQ) is a synthesis of recent breakthroughs in neuroscience, cognitive positive psychology, and performance science. PQ has been validated by over 500’000 participants in 50 countries. It can transform your best assets too!

Positive Intelligence Boosts Performance and Wellbeing*

*Based on survey results from cohort of >2000 Positive Intelligence Program participants after six weeks of mental fitness training

experience EQ growth
are better at teamwork and collaboration
manage stress better
use mental and emotional energy more effectively
increase happiness
are better at conflict management

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Client Testimonials

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Before training with Joel, I was often overwhelmed by hyper-achieving and people pleasing tendencies. Daily stress taxed my mental/physical wellbeing and relationships with friends and family. By using PQ tools and exercises, I've gained confidence to set realistic expectations and assert my views more effectively. Additionally, my colleagues mention seeing me smile much more. Moving forward, I continue using PQ to maintain my well-being and improve professional interactions.

Assoc. Director, Strategic Risk & Capital Mgt, UBS AG
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Initially hesitant about yet another self help program, I'm now convinced. Joel and the 7-week PQ course have gently nudged me to build more positive mental habits. My stress levels are down. My ability to focus is up. I’m identifying negative patterns and their underlying fears affecting my work and relationships. And I have an effective toolkit to help me tackle such challenges. Highly recommend Joel’s PQ coaching at all levels.

Digital Marketing Manager, ADVANIS AG
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Reducing stress from being hyper-vigilant is #1 improvement. Even when my day was 100% great or better than expected, I worried about what might still go wrong, what I have missed or neglected. After building up mental muscle with Joel’s PQ coaching, I quiet anxieties before they distract or keep me up at night. Doing PQ reps, grounding myself - is the biggest take-away from the PQ program!

Senior Product Leader, Software, SaaS and AI
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Using PQ exercises, like the daily focus and PQ gym reps, have helped me create mental space that helps me from getting into unnecessary conflicts and making poor compromises at work or in personal relationships. In those moments, I’m better able to see the circumstances and myself. I can pause and think for a moment, then consciously try to do the right thing. 

Head Business Development Partners, GenTwo AG