Topless Summer Workouts

* Physical fitness involves the performance of the heart and lungs, and the muscles of the body; a condition that helps us look, feel and do our best.
* Mental fitness is your capacity to respond to life’s challenges with a positive rather than negative mindset; a condition characterised as a mental state of ease and flow.

Summer is a great time to improve physical fitness, like the handsome guy above from one of my recent Positive Intelligence® (PQ) coaching groups, a.k.a. “Pods.” He and four others in the Pod regularly workout (typically not topless), knowing it's not how far or fast you run or kilograms you bench, but how many exercise reps you’re consistently doing. 

image credit patrick-robert-doyle Unsplash
But summer is also the perfect time to improve mental fitness. The cool thing about doing PQ exercise reps is they can be done anywhere anytime. At the beach, walking, driving, dining or in the midst of a tense argument with someone having a bad day. Using sensory input (sight, sound, breath, touch), PQ app-guided exercises assist in laying down new neural pathways to develop healthy habits through consistent daily practice. 

Building mental muscle with PQ reps enables you to intercept negative impulses when they inevitably arise (i.e. stress, overwhelm, setbacks, conflict), and then choose a response from a positive mindset. The more PQ reps you do, the faster you build the mental muscles needed to neutralise your survival brain’s fight or flight instincts from negatively reacting to life’s challenges. The PQ app tracks progress and provides daily 2 minute reps to keep you motivated and on track.

Most attempts at positive change fail because we stop at insight and don’t build habits. Sustained change towards a more positive mind requires  establishing new habits through consistent daily practice. Exactly what the PQ Program with Joel’s leadership empowers you to do.

The fastest way to get mentally fit is by enrolling in my 7-Week PQ Foundations course. Find out when the next training starts by booking a “Quick Hello” on my website’s calendly.